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About Us

We are heirs to the Iranian culture and science

By bringing together science and the Iranian hospitality, we invite you to Iran. Providing the best services in health tourism, Anamis Kish Trade Development Company aims to plan the best and most memorable travel for you. A unique combination of experience and facilities is our key to success in providing you the best services.

our services


Medical & cosmetic surgery, health checkup, nature-based therapeutic services


Airport transfer (airport to hotel and vice versa), intracity transfer and hotel reservation


Tourism in Iran and visit the unique natural and historical attractions

Main drivers of medical tourism


Most advanced technology
Most advanced technology
Better-quality care for medically necessary procedures
Better-quality care for medically necessary procedures
Quicker access for medically necessary procedures
Quicker access for medically necessary procedures
Lower-cost care for medically necessary procedures
Lower-cost care for medically necessary procedures
Lower-cost care for discretionary procedures
Lower-cost care for discretionary procedures

Please send your medical documents.

We will be contact you after the assessment of your documents.

Please send your medical documents.

Hospitour's medical services

Specialized therapies

Infertility Treatments

Today, with the advancement of medical science, infertility treatment is conducted…

Weight Loss Surgery

Obesity is one of the health problems today in the world.…


Treatment of diseases and correction of abnormalities of bones and joints,…


The eye is very sensitive organ, and care is needed to…

Dental treatments

Today, almost every adult cares about his or her oral health.…

Cosmetic Surgeries

Iranian doctors are famous for cosmetic surgeries. Every year, countless people…

Health tourism in Iran

Iran has one of the oldest civilizations in the world. By choosing Iran as your destination for health tourism, besides benefiting from advanced medical technologies, facilities and professional services, you will enjoy pleasant climate, extraordinary landscapes, and majestic historical and cultural monuments. Iran has a world renown in cosmetic surgeries, especially nasal surgery. Iranian doctors have achieved remarkable progress in neurology, variety of transplants, cancer and infertility treatment.

Iranian Food

Traditional Iranian food combines…

There’s nothing like a…

Traditionally, rice was most…

Khoresh is a generic…

There is nothing more…

Iran has a wide…


What To Pack for Medical Tourism Trip

10 Essentials You Need to Pack for Your Medical Tourism Trip By British Solomon ( Medical tourism magazine ) Packing is always a chore under the best circumstances, but when…

Good news for people who want to make organ transplants in Iran.

Organ transplant is a medical procedure in which an organ is removed from one body and placed in the body of a recipient, to replace a damaged or missing organ.…

Iranian Medical Center Breaks Records in Liver Transplant

TEHRAN (FNA)- More than 500 liver transplants are carried out annually in the Buali Sina Transplantation Center in the Southern Iranian city of Shiraz, the director of the center said,…


In Iran

Medical facilities


0 Hospital
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Selected medical centers

Our partners

Kasra Hospital makes effort to serve the patients by all means in scientific and well-equipped environment and best personnel and services in the world.


Kasra Hospital

Atieh hospital with the final capacity of 350 admitted patients and 15 operation theatres is located in northwest of Tehran.


Atieh Hospital

Royan Institute was established in 1991  as a research institute for Reproductive Biomedicine and infertility treatments .


Royan Institute


Our partners

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Address: 27th Unit, 6th Fl., No. 24, 10th St, Qaem Maqam-e-Farahani St, Tehran– Iran


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